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About us


More than 14,000 years ago, the first loaf of bread was baked, marking the humble beginnings of this beloved staple. At GB Bakery, we hold a deep reverence for this ancient tradition and believe that bread should be cherished as a cornerstone of nutrition and vitality. That’s why we honor the old ways in crafting our bread.

In the heart of our bakery, skilled artisans meticulously follow time-honored techniques, reminiscent of an era before industrial milling dominated. We prioritize organic wheat freshly milled to preserve the nutrient-rich bran and germ. Our leavening process is slow and natural, it can take up to 48 hours, relying on sourdough starters for a real fermentation process. To ensure the highest quality, we source only the finest organic wheat and flour.

At GB Bakery, our mission is simple: to reignite your love for bread. We invite you to experience the authenticity of our artisanal loaves, crafted with care and tradition, so you too can rediscover the joy of bread.